To enroll you child (or get them on the waiting list), please use the relevant form on the 'Enrollment Forms' page and send it to ''. Email inquiries will not be actioned without the correct form.

We will then contact you with the necessary paperwork.

We have a full waiting list most of the time, but in order to secure your child's place in the Group, see 'HELP WANTED' below.


1st Ramsbury are always on the lookout for additional helpers to assists in the running of the Group.

You may feel that you would like to be part of the Scout Group and offer some of your free time to become part of a very friendly, active and successful Scout Group.


We welcome any help offered and this may vary from being a member of the Committee, through offering ad-hoc help (on camp and trips away) to becoming a full uniformed Leader in one of the 3 sections of your choice.

Within the sections, we plan the program two terms in advance so we all know what we are to do and have plenty of time to organise. The Committee meets every couple of months and discusses the 3 programs and how they can assist in the running of the 3 sections, and where they can assist the Leaders (as well as other matters).

We hold an annual BBQ once a year where we all get together (with the youngsters and parents) and we use this opportunity to show case what we have achieved and to complete the annual registration for all young people.

If you have any spare time, or anything else to offer the Group, we would love to hear from. Please use the 'CONTACT US' tab above (under 'About Us').

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (in small print!!)


  • 1st Ramsbury Scout Group is a Registered Charity (number 305936).

  • We are part of North East Wiltshire District Scouts under the umbrella of Wiltshire County Scouts.

  • Our fully-trained volunteer leaders are supported by the Scout Group Committee, elected at an Annual General Meeting held in June each year, when reports and accounts are approved.

  • The Scout Group Committee comprises a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and up to six other elected members. Leaders from each section also sit on the Committee. These members are all Trustees of the Charity. 

  • Annual Membership Subscriptions, of which a capitation is levied by the Scout Association, are supplemented by fund raising activities, our participation in Ramsbury’s Charity Shop and Scout Hall rental, to finance the Scout Group. As a Registered Charity, the Group is also, where appropriate, able to claim Gift Aid for the Subscriptions from HM Revenue & Customs.

  • If you are interested in learning more about the operation of the Scout Group please “Contact Us” or email